• Medical Devices

    Comprehensive turnkey solutions and outsourcing R&D services for the medical devices industry.

    Implants / Invasive / Laparoscopic & Endoscopic / Aesthetics & Cosmetics / Diagnosis, Monitoring & Scanning / Electronic Packaging and Peripheral Equipment.

  • Hi-Tech

    Multi-Disciplinary Hi-Tech Solutions

    Meytar is leading the way through constant creativity and innovation.

    Mechanical / industrial design / electronics / software / Material / Polymer / Composite / Plastic engineering

  • Clean-Tech

    Vast experience designing and leading mega, international projects according to high-level standards for the Clean-Tech and Energy Industries.

    Solar ( PV / CPV / TPV / Thermal ) / Wind energy / Bio-fuels & bio-mass / energy harvesting / System integration

  • Consumer Products

    Our vision is to excite and inspire our customers

    Meytar offers a One Stop Shop for a complete support throughout the entire development process.

    Home appliance / Gadgets / communication / furniture / sporting goods / gaming facilities and more.



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